The „BARZAK” Construction Company has been operating since the 1980s and specializes in realizing construction works in general execution, both in the scope of erecting new residential, office and industrial constructions, as well as performing deconstruction and engineering works and earthworks.

The company employs qualified management staff with broad experience of many years and a construction team of a few hundred people. The advantage of the Company is also the fact that it has its own specialized construction equipment, that being several dozen units including: excavators, bulldozers, mobile cranes, rollers and also heavy and light transportation vehicles.

The Company possesses extensive experience in erecting residential buildings and industrial construction, particularly production halls together with technological lines, storehouse halls, car showrooms, office buildings, public utility buildings and large-area commercial and service buildings.

The Company also realizes works in the range of industrial buildings.

The Company has specialized in realizing steel structure buildings – elements of steel structures are manufactured in its own plant and then mounted on the construction site. The walls and roofs of halls can be created using energy-saving sandwich panels of renowned manufacturers. The Company realizes construction works in all lines of business, especially sanitary, gas, electrical, LV, lightning rod, central heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Reaching out to investors’ expectations regarding minimizing costs and construction duration, the Company realizes the works comprehensively – from creating the construction project, through obtaining permits required by the law, up to realizing the „turnkey” construction.

A significant range of the Company’s activities is realizing deconstruction works. The Company owns specialized equipment for deconstruction and experienced staff who have performed a number of deconstruction works of large-sized buildings, including complicated halls of former industrial plants.

The Company is a manufacturer of aluminium joinery. Windows, doors and facades are made out of aluminium profiles of the German company „Heroal”, which comply with the demands from the best-quality aluminium products.