The Construction Company “BARZAK” provides project services in the range of formulating architectonic conceptions as well as complete construction projects.

Another advantage of the Company is the fact that it possesses its own design bureau employing architects and designers with long-time experience, as it assures the use of construction solutions demanded by the Investor from the point of view of costs and the investment’s realization time as soon as during the designing stage, while guaranteeing a high level of the building’s esthetics at the same time.

The Design Bureau of the “BARZAK” Construction Company devotes maximum attention and time in order for the Investor to receive a project satisfying all his expectations regarding usability and esthetics.

The service of the Investor is a complex one and can also include obtaining decisions regarding development conditions, utility connection conditions etc., as well as the representation in administrative proceedings aimed at receiving construction permit.

The architectonic studio of the Company performs:

  • design conceptions,
  • construction projects,
  • full-discipline working plans and specifications,
  • land development projects

Civil engineering

The “BARZAK” Construction Company realizes civil engineering works both in the range of erecting new buildings as well as earthworks (excavations, embankments, area planting).

The Company specializes in constructing residential and industrial buildings, including production halls together with technological lines, storehouse halls, office buildings, showrooms and service buildings, as well as commercial buildings.

The Company especially offers creating steel structure halls (zinc-coated or painted) using energy-saving sandwich panels.

Furthermore, the Company also puts up industrial construction buildings, especially bridges, roads, parking lots and performs soil stabilization works.

The Company’s offer includes the realization of construction works in the scope defined by the Investor, i.e. earthworks, raw states, finished states including “turnkey” finishing, land development (parking lots, sidewalks, green areas, fences etc.).

The Company performs installation works in the range of water, sewerage, gas, electrical, LV, lightning rod, central heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
The Company constantly cooperates with a number of building materials suppliers, including concrete and steel suppliers, which allows it to offer the Investors attractive conditions of commission realization.


Another pillar to the “BARZAK” Construction Company’s activities is performing deconstruction works.

Because new investments often require deconstructions and land preparation, the Company has specialized in realizing works of such type.

The Company owns specialized heavy deconstruction equipment which allows for precise and safe realization of deconstruction works in all conditions, including inner city centers.
When performing deconstruction works, the Company’s experienced staff play an especially significant role.

The “BARZAK” Construction Company assures organizational and equipment-wise potential, which assures efficient performance of deconstruction works, according to the law and work hygiene’s rules in force, while also maintaining construction standards.

The complexity of offered deconstruction services is also based on the fact that the Company performs deconstruction designs and obtains necessary administrative permits.

Steel structures

The “BARZAK” Construction Company owns a standalone Steel Structures Plant equipped with modern machines which allow for producing all kinds of structure elements.

The produced structures can undergo zinc coating process, as well as be covered with protective coatings (painting).

The Company’s Steel Structures Plant possesses the Qualification Certificate of the Welding Institute in Gliwice.

The production of stainless steel elements is also realized in the Plant.

Elements of steel structures originate in the halls of the Plant and are then mounted on the investment site, which speeds up the investment process and assures the control of elements during the whole production cycle supervised by the Head Welder of the Company.

Aluminium structures

The Company has been a manufacturer of aluminium joinery since 1998 and owns a standalone Aluminium Structures Plant which manufactures windows, doors, facades and partition walls from aluminium profiles of the German company “Heroal”.

Building elevations are also created basing on the Heroal profiles, which secures them with a modern and esthetical design and superb quality.

The rich offer of aluminium profiles of such type and the wide choice of colors allow for realizing all commissions and coping with the challenges of modern architecture.

Equipment services

The Company owns a few dozen equipment units, including own heavy construction equipment of renowned manufacturers – Liebherr, Terex Pegson, JCB, Stalowa Wola, Stawostroj.

The “BARZAK” Construction Company offers rental services of construction equipment along with operators, as well as standard and oversized load transport services.

At your disposal, we have:

Liebherr tracked excavators for earthworks:

Liebherr R-912 excavator. Bucket capacity 1.2 m3
Liebherr 914 DSL excavator. Bucket capacity 1.5 m3
Liebherr 924 HDSL excavator. Bucket capacity 2 m3
Liebherr 934 excavator. Bucket capacity 2 m3
Liebherr R-934 excavator. Bucket capacity 2 m3
Liebherr R-944 HDS excavator. Bucket capacity 2.4 m3
Liebherr 954 HD excavator. Bucket capacity 3.4 m3

Liebherr tracked excavators equipped with hydraulic hammers for deconstruction works or rock crushing:

Liebherr R-912 excavator. Hammer mass 1.9 t
Liebherr 914 DSL excavator. Hammer mass 1.9 t
Liebherr 924 HDSL excavator. Hammer mass 1.9 t
Liebherr 934 excavator. Hammer mass 2.5 t
Liebherr R-934 excavator, Hammer mass 2.75 t

Liebherr tracked excavators equipped with cut-crush shears for deconstruction works:

Liebherr 934 excavator. Shears mass 2.5 t
Liebherr R-934 excavator. Shears mass 2.5 t
Liebherr R-944 HDS excavator. Shears mass 2.5 t
Liebherr 954 HD excavator, Shears mass 1.7 t, reach 34 m

Mobile cranes:

Liebherr LTC 1055 (UTC 130) crane. Reach 51 m, maximum load 55 t
Liebherr LTM 1055 crane. Reach 55 m, maximum load 55 t

Loaders and excavator loaders:

Liebherr L506 loader – 2 units,
Stalowa Wola Ł-34 loader – 2 units,
JCB 4CX excavator loader – 3 units.


Stalowa Wola TD25G bulldozer – 2 units,
Stalowa Wola TD15C bulldozer – 2 units.

Vibratory rollers:

Stawostroj VV 170 roller – 3 units,
Stawostroj VV 112 roller – 2 units.
Apart from that, we offer concrete rubble and aggregate crushing services into demanded fractions using the Terex Pegson XA 400 crusher, as well as material segregation into demanded fractions using the Powerscreen Chieftrain 1400 track screen.

Transport services are provided by the Company with the use of:

Truck tractors – 7 units,
Tipper semi trailers – 5 units,
Tippers 8 x 6 and 8 x 4 – 8 units,
Box semi trailers – 4 units,
Lowboy trailers – 2 units,
Open trucks with HDS – 2 units,
Tank trucks for fuel transportation,